TV & Film Mixes

Below are examples of TV & Radio spots mixed by Brown Hound.  In some examples the sound design was enhanced during the final mix session.  At the bottom of this page are links to long form video projects with mix and audio sweetening services provided by Brown Hound.


Rapala - Freedom

 Subaru - Adrenaline

Jack Link's - Messin' with Sasquatch Horror Trailer

 Subaru - Mediocrity

Quit Plan MN - Cash Register

Center Point Energy - Psychic

Cox Business - Bottle


 Long-Form Projects


The Fabulous Ice Age - Feature length documentary by Keri Pickett

The Fabulous Ice Age trailer from Keri Pickett on Vimeo.


Mortimer & Bracket - Short animation film by Andrew Chesworth

Incubus Drone - Short Film by Ryan Wetherall

     - Final mix with Brown Hound contributing to sound design

Lotology - The Movie

     - Lotology is a heart-warming, laugh-out-loud short documentary that explores why these quirky collectors save millions of lottery tickets and believe that an unscratched ticket is worth more than any prize lurking under the latex.

Rough Tender

     - Unlikely love blooms between a brooding, explosive loner and an extroverted introvert with a cat and a library habit. A darkly comic, sadly sweet and even poignant tale about finding and keeping love despite the odds.

My Little Angel

     - Animated Short, A boy playing with his dog makes a mistake in judgement and is confronted by a surreal experience.