DDC International - One Man Can

Brown Hound worked with DDC International to mix (including sound design and natural sound sweetening) this video about the One Man Can campaign.

Check it out here.


Sewanee - Reviving the Hopkins Water Colors

Brown Hound teamed up with the University of the South to score this piece on a bit of Sewanee history.



Top of the Hill - Age Your Own Whiskey

Chapel Hill, NC's Top of the Hill Distillery is proud to feature its "Age Your Own" Whiskey Kits! In just 3 months, you can watch as clear TOPO Carolina Whiskey becomes a a beautiful, smooth, mature whiskey.  Top of the Hill helped forge the North Carolina microbrewing renaissance and are now proud to lead the state in microdistilling.  Brown Hound worked with producer Empryean Media to create a Southern blues tinged music track for this video showcasing the new "age your own" whiskey kits.

Top of the Hill Distillery's Age Your Own Whiskey from daytripp.com on Vimeo.


Summer In Sewanee

Stephen Garrett of Empyrean Media ask me to score and mix several videos highlighting summer programs offered at Sewanee, University of the South.  There are a lot of people of all ages doing great things each summer at Sewanee.  Click on the link to head over to YouTube to watch the whole series.


FHI 360 - SMARTGirl

Brown Hound completed a project recently with DDC International for FHI 360, a global health organization.  DDC produced this video highlighting the SMARTGirl program in Cambodia, which aims to prevent and mitigate HIV among entertainment workers.  Brown Hound created the sound design and mix for this video.  There were a few bits of audio recorded on location, but much of it was created and mixed in post-production at the Brown Hound studios.

FHI360 - SMARTGirl from DDC International on Vimeo.